Examination assessments according to APSACS rules have been modified so that:-

Ø     Focus is the comprehension level rather than memorization and reproduction.

Ø     Free expression and ideas of students are encouraged.

Ø     Students’ performance evaluation is unbiased.

Ø     Teacher’s lesson planning is according to assessment procedures.

Ø     Assessment procedures are used as diagnostic tools to resolve problem areas.

Ø     Continuous evaluation is based on class work, projects and assessment tests.



Pass percentage             :          Core subjects                  -        50%

                                                         None Core Subjects        -        45%

KG – III Final examination reports will be on combined results of 1st, 2nd, 3rd+ 4th Bimonthly Each Bimonthly will contribute 25% to the final result.



    Acting upon the instructions issued by APSACS Secretariat and to engage students in useful pursuits and develop in them love and enthusiasm for sports four houses – Senior and Junior have been formed. The names of the houses are: -

·        Unity

·        Faith

·        Discipline

·        Tolerance

Each House has a House Master and Assistant House Master to supervise, conduct and guide the students in all areas of their educational development.